Seeking comfort, understanding, validation, or just some solidarity? Read these quotes to gain a better understanding of what people with depression face every day. 

Depression feels like everyone’s running the same race but I have cement blocks tied to my ankles

Depression feels like having an elephant sitting on my chest. It cannot be ignored or worked through. It is constant aching, crushing pain. 

I feel like I’m slowly sinking in quicksand and I can’t call for help, and the more I struggle against it, the more I sink.

Depression feels like being stuck in slow motion

People with depression know what it feels like to have your dark thoughts be reality and everything else a dream. 

With depression, you dread waking up before you even go to sleep

There’s a loud alarm going off, so you go into the next room. It’s still just as loud. So you go outside. It’s still going. You realize you’re the alarm. You’re the one that’s bothering you. That’s depression. You can’t get away.

Depression feels like wanting to cuddle with someone in a blanket fort and forget time exists but also wanting to stay curled up in a ball on the floor and not hear, see, or think about anyone or anything until the pain goes away

Depression is like having a giant fan blowing right in your face 100 percent of the time and all you want is some peace and quiet. 

Depression makes me want to be with others and then not want to bother others with myself. 

Depression feels like you’re stuck in the sand on the beach and the tide is coming in. With each wave you get more sick about what’s happening to you.

Depression feels like just breathing in is killing you

Depression feels like you’re slowly circling the drain. Just waiting for it all to be over. 

Getting therapy for depression feels like someone removes the blocks from your ankles. They remove the elephant. They switch the fan off. They pull you out of the quicksand. They turn off the alarm. There is help. Call 801-264-6000 to schedule a free, confidential mental health assessment, open 24/7.