Veteran Rehabilitation Program

Thousands like you have beaten
alcohol addiction.

Key Program Features

  • 30-Day inpatient program
  • In network with TriCare, Medicare and VA insurance
  • Active referral program with military installations like Walter Reed, Fort Belvoir, Tripler, Fort Carson and many more
  • Wide range of therapies
  • Experienced clinical team
  • Drug addiction treatment also available
  • Hassle-free admission process – talk with the same person every time you call


    “The treatment team was phenomenal. It was imperative that I addressed my trauma at the same time as my substance abuse…The team did a great job of pushing and encouraging me to dig deeper into my trauma, teaching me how to cope and live with it in a healthy way.” – C.P.

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     Why Choose Us? 

    Courage to Change
    Program Highlights

    Watch this video to learn more about our Courage to Change program.



    94% of Courage to Change patients agree or strongly agree that overall they were very satisfied with their treatment


    95% of Courage to Change patients agree or strongly agree that they feel better now then when they admitted


    91% of Courage to Change Patients agree or strongly agree they would recommend the facility

    Evidence-Based Therapies

    • Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)
    • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
    • EMDR
    • Expressive Therapy
    • Recreational Therapy
    • Pet Therapy