Medicare-Friendly Addiction Treatment

30-day Substance Abuse Program that accepts Medicare

In Network With Traditional Medicare

30-day Inpatient Addiction Treatment

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About Us

Salt Lake Behavioral Health is a private, free-standing psychiatric hospital that offers a 30-day inpatient program for addiction recovery. Our program is highly focused on trauma and healing the root cause of the substance abuse. The hospital is in-network with Traditional Medicare.

Our hospital offers a veteran liaison, so patients and family members talk to the same person every time they call when coordinating an admission. 

Our Facility

Our five-story hospital is licensed and accredited. Patients enjoy semi-private bedrooms and bathrooms with enhanced safety features. Communal dayrooms feature open spaces for both relaxation and therapy work. Fresh, hot meals and drinks are provided in the cafeteria.


We use evidence-based therapies to treat substance abuse. Licensed therapists, licensed recreation therapists, and certified yoga instructors lead our groups.

Medical Detox

We keep patients comfortable as they detox from substances


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is used to help process trauma


Cognitive Processing Therapy is used in both an individal and group setting

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is used as a form of expression, coping, and processing

Expressive Therapy

Patients participate in art therapy and other forms of self-expression


A certified yoga instructor helps patients understand this coping skill

Pet Therapy

Weekly pet therapy – need we say more?


Therapists and other providers lead educational groups for patients to learn about their disease

What Our Patients Are Saying

“I am confident I can stay safe and sober due to the very professional care at Salt Lake Behavioral.”

Jenna N*

Former Patient

“Coming here resulted in a 180-degree change.”

David P*

Former Patient

“This program has changed the trajectory of my life.”

Amanda C*

Former Patient

“It was imperative that I addressed my trauma at the same time as my substance abuse…The team did a great job of pushing and encouraging me to dig deeper into my trauma, teaching me how to cope and live with it in a healthy way.”

Charlie P*

Former Patient

* Name has been changed to protect patient confidentiality


How long is the program?

The program is 30 days. 

Can you accept patients with medical issues?

Our hospital is a stand-alone psychiatric hospital, so any major medical problems will have to be resolved before treatment. Not sure if the medical issue is a problem? Give us a call to discuss it with the care coordinator.

Is travel covered?

The hospital provides air and ground transportation for veterans referred by the VA. 

Does the program help with aftercare planning?

Yes, the hospital staffs a case manager to help with discharge planning and aftercare. 

Does the program treat dual diagnosis patients?

Our program is designed to treat addiction and trauma, as well as other mental health issues that the patient may be struggling with. 

Can patients smoke while in treatment?

Patients are provided with three smoke breaks a day. 

Is there an age limit?

Veterans of all ages are accepted. Seniors must be able to complete all hygiene and daily care independently.