Can you go to an inpatient mental health hospital if you’re pregnant? 

The short answer is yes. However, you may have to do some in-depth research to find a facility. Keep reading to learn more about finding the right type of facility.

When should you seek inpatient psychiatric care?

You should seek care from an inpatient rehab facility if you feel you are a danger to yourself, your baby, or others, or if you have an addiction. If your mental state has reached a point where you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, harming yourself, experiencing major depressive episodes, or having trouble staying away from substances, you should seek help in an inpatient setting. You can call 801-264-6000 for a free, over-the-phone assessment with some of our staff here at Salt Lake Behavioral Health, a mental health treatment center in Salt Lake City, UT, to see if your situation warrants an inpatient recovery process.

What facilities will accept a pregnant patient?

Psychiatric facilities will most often accept pregnant patients if the facility has 24/7 nursing care. Low-level psychiatric facilities have nursing staff during the day, but only techs and aides staffing overnight. These facilities will often not accept pregnant patients as they don’t have the resources to provide emergency medical care should the need arise. Acute or high-level facilities, like Salt Lake Behavioral Health, have nurses on staff all day and all night long. These facilities are often higher security, lockdown-type clinics that admit high-needs clients. 

Can a pregnant person go through rehab?

Pregnant women can go through rehab, but the same guidelines as above apply. The facility will need to have 24/7 nursing care to ensure that the patient is safe throughout their stay.

Can a pregnant person go through detox?

Pregnant women can go through detox, but the guidelines above apply. The national or local substance and alcohol detox facility will need to have 24/7 nursing care to ensure that the patient is safe throughout their stay.

Can pregnant teens stay in a mental health hospital?

Finding inpatient care for a pregnant adolescent can be very difficult, as most acute psychiatric facilities are for adults only and most residential adolescent programs are not equipped with the necessary medical personnel to care for a pregnant teen. There are, however, certain acute facilities that will take a pregnant adolescent if the facility has an adolescent unit, such as Salt Lake Behavioral Health. We have an established adolescent unit on one of our floors, so when a pregnant teen needs psychiatric care, we can easily fit them in. If you are looking for an inpatient stay for a pregnant teen, we would advise you to look for hospitals that already have an established adolescent unit, as these will more often accept adolescents. The same concept applies to pregnant teens who need to detox from substances. 

Are there any resources that can help pregnant people find a mental health hospital?

There is no comprehensive list of hospitals that will accept pregnant clients. Your therapist is a great resource on facilities in the area and what they offer. Counseling center management, as well, can help direct you to a facility that will meet your needs.